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Parents, Complete Your Athletics Registration Online!



      Registration for the 2022 Spring season is now open.   Registration will remain open until March 11th.  Tryouts for all teams begin on a Monday March 21st.   You will need to complete the payment process inorder for your student athlete to tryout for their team.


You are only eligible once ALL steps are completed and verified by the Athletic Department.​

Before you begin registration please ensure you have the following digitally available:

     1.  Athletes must have a current physical exam form on file in the Nurse's Office. Physicals are good for 13 months from exact date of your last physical. If your child's current physical is not on file, or has expired please, make sure you have your child's current physical form in order to submit it with your registration.

     2. That you and your child have completed the concussion course, which you can find here:,  and have you and your child's certificate of completion available to submit with your registration.

     3.  Parents and Athletes please read the Opioid Addiction Assitance brochure and website contained in the following links.

PLEASE NOTE: That if you do not have either form digitally you may submit the paper copies to the nurse at the main office after you complete your registration.


 Please read and follow these steps carefully.  


Please follow these instructions, otherwise please proceed to new user section below

       Step 1. You will need to visit the payment site (as instructed on the registration form) prior to registering your child.  Once you have made your payment at the UniPay Gold site, you will need to return to the registration form to finalize your child's registration. Failure to do so will result in your child NOT being registered for their sport, even though you have made a payment.

        Step 2. Login to your family account at upper right of the page using the View My Account link, click HERE to view the guidelines. 

        Note: If you need to register the same child, click the Register dropdown then choose "Register (followed by the name of the student)" to register him/her for the appropriate sport OR, if this is for a sibling or a new child, you will need to select "Register a New Student".


     If you have forgotten your username and/or password,  click the "Sign In" above then click the "Forgot  your username or password?" link, on the login page, to retrieve that information. Use the email address used under Parent/Guardian 1 Info on your previous registration. Click HERE to view/download instructions.


Continue with the steps below and you will be creating an account as part of your registration.

*******(NOTE: If you are registering a sibling, DO NOT create a new family account.  Login to your exisiting account and add the sibling)********

Step 1

You will need to visit the payment site (as instructed on the registration form) prior to registering your child. Please note your confirmation number, as you will need it for Step 2 below.

Step 2

Create your family account and register your child. Click HERE to view/download the instructions.

    a.  Create your family account.

    b.  After creating you account, click on "Registration History" tab.

    c.  Click "Register" then fill out the form, choose the sport and submit.

You will need to visit the payment site (as instructed on the registration form) before you can continue registering your child.